100 Days Until 30!

It’s been a terrible month. There, I said it. Things started spiraling when I was in a small car accident June 21st and somehow that tumbled into the Fourth of July and just ended with vacation to Michigan and time off from work. Somehow it’s July 28, and I’ve put on quite a few pounds. 

It really (really) sucks to gain back weight that you had recently lost. Over the weekend I saw a special Weight Watchers was advertising for three months of monthly pass for a discounted rate that fit into my budget so I decided to sign up today. While I didn’t know it at the time, today is also 100 days until my 30th birthday. Perfect timing.

I wouldn’t say that this is a total restart, rather a fresh start. I still have some health and fitness goals that I want to accomplish, and I think I still have plenty of time to check some things off my list. Really, my main goal is to lose 30 pounds before turning 30. I will still have plenty of weight to lose after losing 30 pounds – but losing 30 pounds will still have me losing over 50 for 2014 and will get the wheels in motion for success and additional weight loss.

That’s my goal. I always lay out an elaborate plan and somehow end up side tracked, so I’m going to take my plan daily instead of weekly or monthly.

My plan for today:

1. Sign up for Weight Watchers: Check

2. Commit to a goal: Losing 30 pounds

3. Write a blog: 🙂

4. Take a walk after work: Pending

I don’t know what tomorrow will bring, let alone the next 100 days but I’m continuing to make myself a happier, healthier me one day at a time.


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