Six months – 184 days – until my lightbulb switches on!

Ok, so not really – but in six months, I’ll be 30. As I’ve said before, I feel like my “lightbulb” on life magically turns on when I turn 30. Something about turning and being 30 just screams A-D-U-L-T to me. I’m not afraid of turning 30, rather I’m just a tiny bit sad to leave behind my 20s. I don’t want to “humble brag” at all, but I am so completely blessed with the things that happened in my 20s. All of the good and all of the bad – and especially the ugly – has made me who I am and you know what? I like me. I would totally be my friend.

There are two areas of my life that I’ve struggled with in my 20s. I hope to embrace those struggles and apply the lessons to this next decade so that I can be even happier and definitely healthier.

First, my health. I’m 29 and my weight continues to control and challenge my health and my life. Just today I was getting an echocardiogram because of a possible “larger than normal” heart. There is no way I can expect to live a happy, full and long life if I don’t take my health seriously. Yes, I’ve said this many (many, many) times before but I have been making some progress. I have lost 20 pounds since February, which is a great start but now I have to keep going.

Second, my financial peace is not exactly stable or peaceful. Hubs and I are blessed to have purchased a house in July and it has come with its own set of exciting moments and expensive lessons.

My goals for 30 include being at a healthy weight and having an active lifestyle as well as being financially stable. How do I get there? I lay a foundation beginning today, with six months (184 days) until I’m officially a 30 year old adult.

Here are my goals for the next six months:

1. Lose 71.5 pounds. With my current weight, it is not unhealthy or unrealistic to lose 8 to 10 pounds per month on average, give or take (hopefully give!). My current weight this morning was 270.5. I’d like to wake up on my birthday and see the scale say 199. Bring it, ‘one’derland!

2. Consistently run 30 minutes 4x per week – and not hate it. Is that possible? Who knows, but that’s my goal.

3. Complete – and maintain – Baby Step #1 from Dave Ramsey’s plan. While I’d like to say I’d like to save and maintain $5,000, being 30 means being realistic.

4. Be kinder to myself. I’m guilty of negative self talk. A 30 year old should be firm and have high expectations of herself, but she should also be as nice to herself as she is to other people. This isn’t measurable, but I’m ok with that.

5. Treat my skin better so that my nearly-40-year-old self won’t be mad at 30-year-old-self.

I’m confident there’s more, but for now, that’s all she wrote.


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