Emotional eating and failing to plan

So, about that Lightbulb/onward to the 30 challenge? Yeah, it’s been largely non-existent. I’m an emotional eater, and lately, I’ve been feeling all sorts of feelings that I really don’t want to feel.

It started when we lost Maggie almost two weeks ago. I’ve been in an emotional rollercoaster since then. I’ve been so sad about everything that happened with our sweet golden baby, then some financial things have thrown life into a bit of a stress field mixed with one of the toughest academic semesters…I feel like I’m barely keeping my head above the water.

So my answer to this? I eat. I eat a lot. And I eat a lot of things that no one has no business eating, especially in large quantities. The past two weeks, I feel like if you look at me the wrong way, I’ll burst into tears (and it has happened).

I still have plenty of time to reach my goals, but until I figure out a better way to manage stress and my emotions, I’m going to be fighting an uphill, losing and dangerous battle. To at least get a hold of things, even just a little, I’m going to set a plan for the next week:

Tuesday – create plan for Wed. Dec. 4-Tues. Dec. 10, make a meal plan, use week to figure out when exercising works best

Wednesday – weigh-in, weight watcher tracker resets, track food, talk a 15 minute walk at some point in the day, grocery shop

Thursday – track food, take a 15 minute walk at some point in the day

Friday – track food, take a 15 minute walk at some point in the day

Saturday – track food, take a 30 minute walk at some point in the day, do lots of homework, freezer cooking

Sunday – track food, take a 30 minute walk at some point in the day, more homework, cook/prep for the upcoming week

Monday – track food, take a 20 minute walk at some point in the day

Tuesday – track food, make plan for the next week including walking and meal plans as well as grocery list

Goals for the week: -Stick to plan
-Stay within weight watchers points
-No miscellaneous/random stops at stores, gas stations or restaurants for random food or drinks
-Not give into impulsive cravings

I’ve done a terrible job with planning recently. As the quote goes, “Failing to plan is planning to fail,” and that’s been so true for me lately. During the week, I get home from work and the very last thing I want to do is cook. I was joking to Peter that our neighbors probably think we never cook because we’ve had so much take-out lately which is a terrible plan for weight loss. I added freezer cooking to the plan and prepping because whenever I’ve lost weight, I’ve done a lot of prep and planning on the weekends. I need to have quick, ready to go meals either already made up, or easy to put together.

As weird as it sounds, I feel a little better already by just having a plan written down and committing to my goals for the week.


One thought on “Emotional eating and failing to plan

  1. I am an emotional eater as well, and my downfall is that I suck at planning! That’s something that I need to work on a lot better. Just keep your head up and you got this, it’s hard not to turn to food when you are down in the dumps. Recently I had to face that head on because I had two deaths in the family, and there was sweets every were!

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