Budgeting and Beginnings

Generally speaking, I really stink at budgeting. I try. I really do.

I’m not the best at budgeting my time, budgeting money can often be a struggle but I am the absolute worst at budgeting my food.

I understand the concept. You get x-number of calories, x-number of carbs, x-number of points, etc. I also understand that once your x-number is out, you’re allegedly supposed to be done. Allegedly.

A quote that my friend Valerie told me awhile back and one I’ve shared in a previous blog goes something like, “If you don’t like starting, don’t stop.” I need to hold myself accountable and not allow myself to throw in the towel. There will be bad days, or just not so good days, but that’s not an excuse to give up.

I’ve tried viewing my relationship with food in so many different ways. I’ve been carb-free (huge success…until it wasn’t), low-fat, low-calorie, no fat, juice detox, soup detox, etc. I’ve also tried Weight Watchers and their various points plans.

I believe that Weight Watchers is a great program. My doctor liked that I was doing Weight Watchers and I feel like there are some really positive aspects of the program.

The problem for me is my lack of budgeting skills. In the past, I’ve went over my points for the day or the week and then I stopped tracking (giving up on healthy habits is kind of a trend for me once things get derailed…). On the other hand, when I have been successful at losing weight, I have tracked my food.

This morning – officially day 1 – I  re-signed up for the Weight Watchers program, but this time I’m only doing the online eTools. There are pros and cons of only doing the online version, but I truly feel like blogging on a regularly (daily?) basis will be just as beneficial for me as going to the meetings. Whereas the meetings were once a week, blogging each day will make me accountable to the good, the bad and the ugly of every single day.

Day 1 wasn’t the most perfect day, but you know what? It’s actually be the healthiest day I’ve had in months and for me, that’s a win. I’ve set a simple goal for week one that doesn’t have a tangible item attached to it. I’m not trying to lose x number of pounds, or even commit to tracking every single bite of food, rather my goal for week one is to recognize the good choices I’m making and reflect on how I can make better choices in other situations.

Goal for week one: Focus on finding the positives in imperfection. 




One thought on “Budgeting and Beginnings

  1. Do you mean “If you don’t like stopping, don’t start”? I like your focus! No one is perfect, and that is something I struggle with too. Being the perfect wife, daughter, worker, and mom can be overload. Sometimes you just need to do things for YOU!

    XOXO! So proud of you!

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