Happy New Year…?

Ok, so, I’m going to be 110% honest. My goals and plans are all in crazy “wish” land right now as I have not done a very good job of sticking to my plan. I haven’t tracked (or cared…) about what I’ve been eating and I surely haven’t exercised. We went to visit P’s family in Michigan which was AWESOME, as usual. Of course traveling means a free pass to eat everything in sight right? Oh, no? Just me. Ok then…moving on.

The last time we were in Michigan, we were there over New Year’s Eve. My amazing sister-in-law had us write out our New Year’s Resolutions. I looked at mine today and realized I’m so far from completing my list. Nearly eight months ago, 2013 seemed like my new blank slate, the start of the year of “me.” Instead, this year has turned into more of the same – writing down what I want to accomplish, being super excited about my plan and then not sticking to it.

What happens along the way? If I’m being honest, the plan gets hard. I get lazy. I fall into old habits. And you know what? This sounds like a total “fatty” confession, but I really just love food.

Maybe trying to set a “honeymoon” countdown hasn’t actually helped me? I’ve learned I don’t think I’m a “work towards a weight loss deadline” kind of girl. Good to know that know I reckon. I need to get to a point where losing weight isn’t for a particular event, then keep it off, rather it’s for the long-term health benefits.

You know what? I do not like exercise. There, I said it. I’d rather do just about anything than exercise. I look at exercise as a way to lose weight, nothing more nothing less. I need to figure out a way to remember and learn to accept the reasons to exercise: helps my body use insulin better, makes me happier (endorphins and happy people don’t kill their husbands.)

(If you don’t get that reference you might be reading the wrong blog.)

(JK! Please keep reading.)

So either a. I need to stop coming up with plans, or b. I need to figure out how to make a plan that will work. I’m going to doing some thinking and come up with yet another plan. At least I know what doesn’t work…that’s good, right?

In case you were wondering, here were my 2013 New Year’s Resolutions:

1. To not get kidnapped, killed – or worse – in Rwanda. (DONE!)

2. Fit into my “skinny”jeans which means lose about 80-90 pounds.

3. Run – fully – a 5k.

4. Fully fund the emergency fund and the 10% fund. (The emergency fund would be $1,000 Baby Step 1 of Dave Ramsey’s plan with a one-month expenses saved reserve. The 10% fund would be to save 10% of my salary.)

5. Write a book. Seriously.

So…those were my New Year’s Resolutions. And, other than Rwanda as that was a once in a lifetime opportunity, I pretty much have the SAME resolutions year after year. After year. After year. It’s the craziest cycle.

Clearly these things are important to me. For me, being happy means being healthy. Being healthy means being happy. In my world – at least according to almost every life plan I’ve never made – happy and healthy tangibly translate into: losing (and maintaining) weight, being active, saving money and paying down debt and pursuing my ultimate career dream of being a writer.

How do I do that? Good freakin’ question but I’m determined to figure it all out.

1. Figure out a meaningful, realistic timeline.

2. Make a plan. Actual follow through with it. Perhaps add in rewards along the way.

3. Stick. To. The. Plan. Follow. The. Plan. (This is clearly going to be the hardest for me.)

With regards to a timeline, I’ve decided to make my 30th birthday next year my “timeline” to complete my list. That gives me almost 15 months. I’ve always said that my “lightbulb on life” will go off at 30. People then look at me like I’m crazy and ask what that means. I say that I don’t know but 30 will just be when things make sense. I could be wrong, but at least I want as much of my life as possible to be on the path (hopefully completed) at completing my goals.

Happy New Year indeed.

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