Tardy Thankful Thursday

So I started to title this blog, “Fail Friday,” but then I realized that’s totally counter-productive to the “self love” aspect of this blog project.

Have you ever had one of those weeks that starts out with amazing momentum that fizzles by the middle to the end of the week? Yup, totally happened. To me. In week ONE.

I should mention that I work in higher education, so end of July/August are just one crazy mess of awesome, and super busy all wrapped into one. Plus I’m finishing up a second summer class. And Peter’s birthday is Monday. And I have a training over the weekend. Oh, and we’re leaving for Michigan on Wednesday. Whew.

That all sounds like a lot of excuses. I’m super good at making excuses. I’m also really good at making a plan…but follow through isn’t necessarily my strongest point. Perhaps I should have used the week as more of a reflection/figuring out my current habits, time commitments, etc. The week is ending and we’ll see what the scale says on Monday. Food wise, this has been one of my better weeks. I can honestly say that – so far – I didn’t do any binge eating! I didn’t count my points this week since Saturday/Sunday were so far off the scale, but I’ve kept points values in the back of my mind.

This week/month has given me lots to be thankful for. I’m thankful…

…for our new house! What an exciting time it has been with finding our home and closing on our home! We feel so blessed to finally have a place that is ours.

…for now, for the unfinished basement in said new house! Right now, our basement is unfinished which makes it an excellent, open space to work out! Win!

…for an awesome friend who needed to get an elliptical machine out of her apartment that is now living in my unfinished basement for me to use any time of the day! BIG WIN!

….for a supportive husband who continues to support my weight loss journey all the while telling me I’m beautiful. Lucky, grateful, blessed, amazed to have him in my life.

…for continuing to want a healthy life and never giving up on my dream of being happy, healthy me.

There’s so much to be thankful for and sometimes it’s nice to pause and take a minute to take it all in.

…and honeymoon countdown: 69 days!

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