Friday ‘Fessions: Moderation

So, this Friday, my whole “Friday ‘Fession” is one topic: Moderation

Lots of people say that you should enjoy everything in moderation. And that’s true – if you can handle moderation.

I’ve learned and am finally able to admit that moderation doesn’t work for me, at least not right now. If I have a ‘treat’ type of meal or food, it seems like my next meal – and possibly whole next week or more – is just one bad decision after another.

This is absolutely not going to be a cake walk (pun totally intended) but if I hope to get major results, it’s time to make some major changes.

I’m also doing a “summer slim down” challenge with one of my friends. Tomorrow we both weigh-in and we’re going to set goals each week of the summer. My goal for the coming week is to stay within my weight watchers daily and weekly points. Once I weigh-in, I’ll set my weight loss/percentage goal.

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