Friday ‘Fessions

Happy Friday (oops, being posted on Saturday…) Friends!

I tend to confide so much in my darling friend Michelle. Often I’ll start to say something food related and she’ll say something like, “Oh is it confession time?”

Last night Thursday night I confided to my husband Peter everything I had to eat yesterday Thursday (‘fession coming below), and it was nice to finally share one of those food ‘fessions with Peter. Now, before everything

My hope is that every Friday to do a special confessions – Friday ‘Fessions – blog.

Friday ‘Fessions – June 21, 2013

1. I stepped on the scale this morning and it said 270.0 pounds. In March, I tipped the scales at 282.4, so I’ve managed to lose and keep off 12 pounds. That’s a start, right?

2. I’m a binge eater. It’s terrible. I’m currently pulling myself out of a two week binge. I confided in Peter with a food ‘fession and that was a huge help. Usually I hide my binges from him and I don’t tell him, so this was a huge step in trying to get out of the darkness of a binge.

3. I don’t say that I’m a binge eater lightly. It was one of the things I talked to a therapist about back in 2008.

…Also, this is totally being posted on a Saturday. Friday ‘fessions…on Saturday.

p.s. If you are wondering what Thursday’s binge consisted of, it wasn’t pretty. There was regular soda, sweet tea, chicken taquitos from 7-11, a snack wrap from McDonalds, lunch part 1, lunch part 2, popcorn…and other crap.And yes, if you are wondering, my blood sugar was really high Thursday evening and I felt terrible. I’m not proud of what happened, but it happened and I’m being honest. This blog is intended to be like my diary, that just happens to be open and public.

p.s.s. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong will seeing a therapist. I highly recommend it. It was nice to have a neutral, knowledgeable person help me make the best choices possible to lead a happy, full-filled life.

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